Grads 2000-2010

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Services Librarian - McMaster University, Hamilton

Andrew Colgoni

Andrew Colgoni '09

“I chose the Library and Information Science program in the Faculty of Information and Media Studies primarily on the strengths of the co-operative education program that I’d heard about through word of mouth. During my time as an MLIS student, I took advantage of this opportunity, and did co-op terms at two different academic libraries. Those eight months learning on the job were critical in many ways. I gained practical knowledge about library work that built upon my classroom education and just as importantly, met many librarians that I now work with regularly. I was fortunate enough to be able to move rather quickly into a full-time librarian position within months of leaving the program, and I attribute a great deal of that success to the on-the-job training that the MLIS co-op program provided.”

Public Services Librarian (Acting) - The Beryl Ivey Library at Brescia University College, London

Emma Swiatek

Emma Swiatek '09

"Western’s MLIS program offered the practical and professional education I needed to turn my passion for libraries into a career. The year I spent at FIMS challenged me, offered excellent networking opportunities, and allowed me to build relationships with other students that I still rely on today, both personally and professionally. I was able to secure a wonderful career, where I continue to utilize the skills and knowledge learned at FIMS. The MLIS program taught me that librarianship is a field that is always changing, and it is that excitement that drives me to provide the best service possible to students and faculty.  FIMS and the MLIS program prepared me to enter an academic workplace with a solid foundation to build upon, and helped me grow into the confident, successful librarian that I am today.”

Selection Supervisor, MyLibraryNYC - New York Public Library

Amie Wright

Amie Wright '09

“I chose Western’s MLIS program due to its international reputation, and its 12-month option; however, I came to value most the program’s exceptional focus on social media and technology, its passionate instructors and extensive range of classes, and Western’s alumni network of fellow classmates and mentors that has continued to shape and support my career. I came to Western with previous library experience and a firm idea of where my library career would end up – as an adult reference librarian; yet, like so many librarians my career took me in a different direction – first as a children’s librarian, and later a children’s department supervisor. I now work as the Collections Supervisor for a school-library partnership that serves over 500+ K-12 schools in New York City. With the diverse courses offered at Western, and an ever supportive faculty, I developed the transferable skills and broad base of knowledge that have allowed me to navigate the transitions and transformations of 21st century librarianship."

Senior Recruityment and Admissions Officer - Centre for Digital Media, Vancouver, BC

Yasmeen Awadh

Yasmeen Awadh '04

"I decided to do my Masters in Library and Information Science at Western because I was interested in information-seeking. What many people don’t realize is that librarians do not only work in libraries—they are everywhere. Western's MLIS faculty taught me skills that I use at my job everyday: framing information so that a multi-skilled team can understand a problem; asking the right questions - similar to a reference interview - to determine what motivates a person’s goals, and creating various knowledge management systems that are easy and effective to use for very busy people. Western’s MLIS program is very well-rounded: I got an opportunity to take courses that allowed me to explore every aspect of librarianship and information-seeking, which made me feel confident about choosing an appropriate career-path within the profession. If you are passionate about learning how to help people find information to empower them to make the right decisions, I highly recommend this program!"

Reference & Information Literacy Librarian - Humber College, Toronto

Mark Bryant

Mark Bryant '04

"The co-op option at Western gave me the opportunity to go from the classroom to the workplace within three months of graduation. This was the optimum learning experience for me. The mentorship that took place in the field placement was invaluable too. My education at Western helped me land an amazing job at Humber College where I could immediately put theory into practice. Humber is a dynamic learning institution with 27,000 full-time students and 56,000 continuing education students.  Humber offers degrees, diplomas and certificates. There are 150 full-time programs in over 40 areas of study. The MLIS degree provided me with skills to adapt to the workplace that is constantly changing."

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