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The following master's theses have been completed by students in the MA in Popular Music & Culture program to date.

( Note: hyperlinks are included for theses that were submitted to Scholarship@Western and are now available through Western's Electronic Theses & Dissertation Repository. Those without hyperlinks are not currently available through the e-repository).


Titles since 2009

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Canosa, Sandra. (2016). Girls, Rock Your Boys: Female Tribute Acts and the Reclamation of Rock. (Supervised by Dr. Norma Coates)

Hawkins, Grant
. (2016). "Whatever I Want:" Death Grips, Disobedience and the Music Industries. (Supervised by Dr. Matt Stahl)

Keron, Catherine
. (2016). Establishing Female Resistance as Tradition in Country Music: Towards a More Refined Discourse. (Supervised by Dr. Norma Coates)

Morley, Briana
. (2016). Not In "Isolation": Joy Division and Cultural Collaborators in Popular Music. (Supervised by Dr. Keir Keightley)

Enns, Mackenzie
. (2015). Game Scoring: Towards a Broader Theory. (Supervised by Dr. Jay Hodgson)

Dineley, Sean. (2014). Covers Uncovered: A History of the "Cover Version," from Bing Crosby to the Flaming Lips. (Supervised by Dr. Keir Keightley)

Allen, Samuel. (2013). Treasuries of Subcultural Capital: Three Indie Institutions in the London, Ontario Independent-Music Scene. (Supervised by Dr. Keir Keightley)

Fowle, Kyle. (2013). Scary Monsters and Pervasive Slights: Genre Construction, Mainstreaming, and Processes of Authentication and Gendered Discourse in Dubstep. (Supervised by Dr. Keir Keightley)

Hamel, Danielle. (2013). The Halifax Pop Explosion: Music Scenes, Sloan, And The Case For A Halifax Sound. (Supervised by Dr. Norma Coates)

Mcleish, Claire. (2013). "The Future is Medieval": Orality and Musical Borrowing in the Middle Ages and Online Remix Culture. (Supervised by Dr. Norma Coates)

Shelvock, Matthew. (2012). Audio Mastering as Musical Practice. (Supervised by Dr. Jay Hodson)

White, Christopher. (2012). "Rap is easy, career is the hard part:" Analyzing success, longevity and failure within the framework of the hip-hop career. (Supervised by Dr. Keir Keightley)

Collins, Mark. (2011). Delay and Modulation Processing as Musical Technique in Rock. (Supervised by Dr. Robert Toft)

Francis, Meghan. (2011). "I'm your biggest fan (I'll follow you until you love me)": social networking sites, fans, and affect. (Supervised by Dr. Norma Coates)

Coverdale, Kara-Lis. (2010). Sound, rhetoric, and the fallacy of fidelity in recorded popular music: toward a critical approach to timbral analysis. (Supervised by Dr. Norma Coates)

Lewis, Amanda. (2010). Towards a model for analysis of microphone practice on rock recordings. (Supervised by Dr. Jay Hodgson)

Cwynar, Christopher. (2009). Making Canadian music, or making music 'Canadian'? : a critique of Canadian popular music culture during the Rock Era. (Supervised by Dr. Keir Keightley)

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