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April 11, 2012

The finer things

  New club for malt maniacs
    Student shares hobby with others

  Better than the rest
    A London neighbourhood competes for top spot in Canada

  Making music last
    Irish culture continues with craftsman

  London through the lens
    Local photographers help charities

Games and gaming

  A booming business at your fingertips
    Mobile game development thriving in London

  Non-athletes training hard, too
    Olympic research centre takes on global issues

  Wii dances into school
    Ontario students use Nintendo Wii in phys-ed class

Social issues

  Breaking the silence
    Silent Witness Project gives a voice to victims

  Dying on welfare
    Assuring a dignified end for all

  Beyond the brushstrokes
    Ex-homeless man helped by community art class

  Young moms look to save Bethesda Centre
    Facility facing closure was home to Bieber’s mother

Passions and pastimes

  The all-Canadian rapper
    From London roots to international branches

  Flights of fancy
    Falconry a sport of great reward

  4-H embracing the future
    Organization establishing programs for non-farm kids

  A night at the movies
    Documentary screenings a growing trend

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