No. 350 - September 15, 2014

    • Coming Events:

      - Alternative Spring Break Info Session
      - GRC Presents...EI Webinar - Doing Social Media So It Matters
      - GRC Presents...Presentation Skills Workshop
      - SWOC BBQ
    • Important Dates:

      - Wednesday, Sept 17 - United Way Campaign Launch
      - Thursday, Sept 18 - Sunday, Sept 21 - Homecoming
    • News & Announcements:

      - In Memoriam: Susan Getchell
      - In Memoriam: Shirley Sharzer
      - MLISSC accepting late submissions to FIMS Con 2014
      - Like FIMS on Facebook
      - OGS and SSHRC scholarship info available for doctoral students
      - Western's weather siren to be tested every Friday at noon

    • Awards & Accomplishments:

      - MLIS Spirit of Librarianship and Fantastic FIMS Awards
      - Alanna Bayer
      - Andrea Benoit
      - Christine Garinger
      - Dana James
      - Jeff Preston
      - Gemma Richardson
      - Jennifer Spence
    • Publications & Presentations:

      - Zak Bronson
      - Scott Cowan
      - Sarah Guay
      - Roma Harris
      - Keir Keightley
      - Jen MacGregor
      - Anthony Naimi
      - Jason Netherton
      - Ajit Pyati
      - Anabel Quan-Haase
      - Mark-Shane Scale
      - Nadine Wathen
      - Mark Weiler
    • In the Media:

      - Kane Faucher
    • News from the Graduate Resource Centre:

    • News from FIMS Computing Services:

    • News from Western Libraries:

    • Next Issue:

      Coming Events

      Alternative Spring Break Info Session – Staff and faculty
      Wednesday, Sept 17, 2014
      4:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.
      UCC 147A
      Are you interested in facilitating a rewarding community service learning experience for students who are eager to make change in the world? Consider joining Alternative Spring Break (ASB) as a Team Leader!  Western's ASB program is in its twelfth year of providing meaningful, one-week service experiences for Western students. These community service learning opportunities provide students the chance to learn about community needs, engage in active volunteer service, and reflect on how the experience is connected to their academic studies and future career goals.  Faculty and staff looking for more info can attend the session or visit:

      GRC Presents…EI Webinar – Doing Social Media So It Matters
      Thursday, Sept 18, 2014
      12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.
      NCB Lab B
      Presented by Laura Soloman, Library Services Manager, Ohio Public Library Information Network.  Learn how to make the most out of social media in library and information settings with more effective posts.

      GRC Presents…Presentation Skills Workshop
      Thursday, Sept 25, 2014
      12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.
      NCB 293
      Presented by Paul Schmidt, Writing Counsellor from Graduate Writing Centre.  One of our most popular workshops to date, Paul Schmidt presents strategies that can help you overcome public speaking apprehension and discusses ways to make your presentations more dynamic.

      SWOC BBQ Networking Event
      Tuesday, Sept 30, 2014
      4:30 p.m.
      Grad Club, Middlesex College
      The Southwestern Ontario Chapter of the Archives Association of Ontario is hosting a BBQ to give students the opportunity to network with local archivists and staff.  Cost is $5.00.  All welcome.  Please RSVP to Theresa if planning to attend and if a veggie option is preferred.  Come mix and mingle and get to know the people working in your local archives.

      Important Dates

      - Wednesday, Sept 17 - United Way Campaign Launch
      - Thursday, Sept 18 - Sunday, Sept 21 - Homecoming

      News & Announcements

      In Memoriam: Susan Getchell
      FIMS was very sad to announce the passing of Susan Getchell, long-time part-time instructor, and esteemed member of the London library community, on August 29. Along with being a PT instructor in FIMS, Susan was also an enthusiastic storyteller, often giving readings and conducting story-telling workshops.  She had a passion for children's librarianship and spent 40 years in the field. Most recently she taught courses in live storytelling, and the place of folktale and myth collections in public, school, and academic libraries. Susan will be sadly missed in FIMS, particularly by the Library & Information Science community.  Sincere condolences are extended to her many friends and family.

      In Memoriam: Shirley Sharzer
      FIMS was also saddened to hear of the passing of Shirley Sharzer, former Assistant Dean of the Graduate School of Journalism.  She died on August 20. Sharzer, who was a prominent figure in journalism throughout her career, and who was a recipient of the Order of Canada, began serving as Assistant Dean in 1974.  She returned to professional journalism in 1979.

      MLISSC accepting late submissions to FIMS Con 2014
      FIMS Con is an annual conference organized by the MLIS Student Council at FIMS. Our mission is to educate, inform, and develop the FIMS community. The conference will be on Saturday, October 4th, 2014 in NCB. We are calling for proposals of papers, presentations, tutorials, workshops, and roundtables on topics broadly related to librarianship, information science, journalism, media studies, career development, literacy, education, and information policy. Presentations should be 1 hour long including Q&A.

      The target audience consists of students and members of the academic and practicing communities associated with FIMS graduate studies. Email inquiries and proposals to by September 20th, 2014. Proposals should be approximately 250 words. This year’s theme is "new trends in information practices." This is a great way to get some presentation experience and to share your ideas with the FIMS community.

      Like FIMS on Facebook
      FIMS has an official Facebook page. We will be posting content similar to the Grad Bulletin, as well as photos and links, and will cover both the undergraduate and graduate communities. Visit:

      OGS and SSHRC scholarship info available for doctoral students

      Information regarding funding is now available  for current doctoral students, or master's students who are applying for doctoral studies next year.

      Western's weather siren to be tested every Friday at noon
      Western now maintains a web page which details current weather conditions on campus, and provides alerts about service disruptions due to severe weather.  There are also instructions about what to do if you hear the siren.  Visit the page.

      Awards & Accomplishments

      At the end of last term, the MLISSC announced the nominees and winners of their Spirit of Librarianship and Fantastic FIMS awards.  Well done to Megan Siu (winner of the Spirit of Librarianship award) and Stephen Coulstring (Fantastic FIMS award).  Congratulations are also due to the other nominees, who include Mareen Redies, Paul Smart, Sarah Morrison, Zeineb Yousif, Cat Alderson, Hailey McCullough (Spirit), and Rob Craig, Melonie Carson and Carolynn Bart Riedstra (Fantastic FIMS).

      FIMS saw a series of successful thesis defenses take place in August.  Congratulations to the following students for their academic accomplishments.

      Christine Garinger, MHIS. The clinic narrative: a beacon toward equity-oriented primary health care. 14 August.

      Jeff Preston, PhD Media Studies. Fantasizing Disability: Representation of Loss and Limitation in Popular Television and Film. 19 August.

      Alanna Bayer, MA Media Studies. Evangelizing the "Gallery Of the Future”: A Critical Analysis of the Google Art Project Narrative and its Political, Cultural and Technological Contradictions. 20 August.

      Gemma Richardson, PhD Media Studies. (Un)covering Suicide: The Changing Ethical Norms in Canadian Journalism.  21 August.

      Jennifer Spence, MA Media Studies. Labours of love: Fan labour, cultural products, and the monetization of fandom.  22 August

      Andrea Benoit, PhD Media Studies. Face Value: Beyond the Surface of Brand Philanthropy through the Cultural Production of the MAC AIDS Fund.  26 August.

      Congratulations to Dana James, who is a graduate of the Master of Library and Information Science program, on being named Western's Associate Vice-President, Principal Gifts.  Ms. James takes up her position on September 15.

      Publications & Presentations

      Zak Bronson, Media Studies PhD student, published "'We Were Trying to Make You More Than You Were': The Singularity, Transhumanism, and Shapeshifting" in The Multiple Worlds of Fringe: Essays on the J.J. Abrams Science Fiction Series, edited by Tanya R. Cochran, Sherry Ginn, and Paul Zinder. McFarland Press.

      Current MLIS students Sarah Guay and Scott Cowan, along with MLIS grad Mark Weiler, had a guest editorial published in New Review of Academic Librarianship about starting up the first student chapter of the Canadian Association of Professional Academic Librarians:

      Weiler, Mark, Guay, Sarah, & Cowan, Scott (2014). Preparing for Work in Canadian Academic Libraries: The Library Student Perspective. New Review of Academic Librarianship, 20(3).

      Roma Harris, Professor Emerita, and Nadine Wathen, Associate Professor, published:

      Harris, R.M., Wathen, C.N., Lynch, R. (2014). Assessing performance in shelters for abused women: Can ‘caring citizenship’ be measured in ‘value for money’ accountability regimes? International Journal of Public Administration, 37: 737–746.

      Associate Professor Keir Keightley presented his paper, "Night Made Hideous: Urban Piano Noise, 1870-1930," at "The Urban Night:  Issues of culture, security and inclusion" conference at McGill University, August 7th.

      Jen MacGregor, FIMS Postdoc, Nadine Wathen, Associate Professor, and Anthony Naimi, HIS PhD student, published the following:

      MacGregor, J. C. D., Wathen, C. N., Kothari, A., Hundal, P. K., & Naimi, A. (2014). Strategies to promote uptake and use of intimate partner violence and child maltreatment knowledge: An integrative review. BMC Public Health, 14, 862.

      Media Studies PhD student Jason Netherton published the essay Into the Underground...Out to the World in the October issue of Broken Pencil: The Magazine of Zine Culture and the Independent Arts.

      Ajit Pyati, Associate Professor, presented a paper at the Association for Sociology of Religion (ASR) Conference in San Francisco on August 15, 2014.  The title of the talk was, "Commodifying and consuming yoga in the age of informational capitalism."

      Mark-Shane Scale, LIS PhD student, and Anabel Quan-Haase, Associate Professor, published the article Categorizing Blogs as Information Sources for Libraries and Information Science in the Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Third Edition.

      In the Media

      Kane Faucher, Assistant Professor, appeared in an Ira Basen radio documentary about sessional instructors at universities, which aired on CBC Radio's The Sunday Edition on Sept 7th.  Listen to the doc

      News from the Graduate Resource Centre

      Fall 2014 GRC Student Library Assistants
      Please welcome new Student Assistants Tom Haennel, Christine Pinkney, Kim Visser, and Emily Woodcock. Don't hesitate to ask questions when the students (or any staff) are working at the Service Desk or in the Computer Labs - they are there to help you with using the GRC's resources and services!

      The GRC Presents ...
      (A series of seminars and workshops to support the graduate community @ FIMS)

      Graduate Writing Workshop - Paul Schmidt, Writing Counsellor from Graduate Writing Centre
      Thursday, September 11, 12:30-1:20, NCB 293
      Take advantage of this opportunity to improve your writing skills for your graduate essays and reports.  Paul will discuss how to write clearly and concisely, offer citation integration tips as well as format and style pointers.  Following the seminar, there will be time for questions.
      EI Webinar - Doing Social Media So It Matters - Laura Solomon, Library Services Manager, Ohio Public Library Information Network
      Thursday, September 18, 12-1:00, NCB LabB
      Learn how to make the most out of social media in library and information settings with more effective posts.
      Presentation Skills Workshop - Paul Schmidt, Writing Counsellor from Graduate Writing Centre
      Thursday, September 25, 12-1:00, NCB 293
      One of our most popular workshops to date, Paul Schmidt presents strategies that can help you overcome public speaking apprehension and discusses ways to make your presentations more dynamic.
      EI Webinar - Virtual Collaboration Best Practices - Chad Mairin, Information Services Librarian, St. Petersburg College
      Thursday, October 2, 12-1:00, NCB LabB
      Personal learning networks and virtual workgroups are important tools to enhance creativity and other collaborative activities online. This session will review tools and best practices for online collaboration, along with basic troubleshooting.
      Sign-up sheets for all events are available in the GRC, or email to let us know that you'll be attending.

      Looking for a room? GRC Meeting Rooms (NCB280D and 280E)
      These meeting rooms are for all FIMS graduate students (HIS, LIS, JOU, MS, PM&C) to use for group work and meetings. Our booking system allows users to easily book GRC meeting rooms by choosing the room and date required and filling in a short form.  You can find the calendar link, username and password on the GRC homepage. 280D also has a projector so you can practice presentations.
      Stop by the service desk in the GRC if you need a hand or see our new tutorial on "Booking a Room".

      London Tourism Information
      Whether you're new to London or not, the GRC has a bookshelf full of seasonal tourist information for you. Come by and help yourself to LTC schedules, city maps, restaurant guides and many winter activities.

      News from FIMS Computing Services

      This is a new, repeating section of the Bulletin that will describe the many services and resources offered by FCS.  Be sure to check back here each edition for additional tips, news and other information related to computing services.

      FIMS Computing Services (FCS) plans, buys, manages and supports, a wide range of technologies for our various programs, service groups and community.  Recently completed projects include:

      •    expanded capacity and new  computers in Lab A
      •    improved meeting room functionality- there is now a  computer,  camera  and a new  Epson data projector with smart board capabilities in NCB 266.  
      We also build/provision and/or  integrate  a number of  websites, databases and applications such as your MyFIMS portal, Papercut network printing, and IT  infrastructure for the FIMS main, Intranet and  Sharepoint sites.   
      Some of  the projects we are working on right now:
      •    Planning  space and IT for new FIMS building 2016/2017
      •    improving your mobile experience when accessing  our sites and databases
      •    web / video conferencing system for  both FIMS and campus wide use
      •    improving resources that support Skype
      Our team consists of:
      •    John Fracasso (Librarian/ Manager FCS),
      •    Charlotte McClellan (network, servers DB and applications) ,
      •    Matt Ward (desktop support, software and IT logistics)  and this term,
      •    Connor Montag, our Fanshawe Coop student.
      For more information on IT at FIMS see our Sharepoint site, email us at: or just stop by our offices.  If you are having an issue please use our online Service Desk

      News from Western Libraries

      Take a Virtual Tour of Weldon:
      On the Western YouTube channel, you will find a video that highlights the main features of The D.B.Weldon Library. The URL for the library tour is You can also see other library tutorials at

      New Version of SUMMON Library Search Engine:
      The search box on the main library home page allows you to use a search engine called SUMMON to do a comprehensive search to find resources of many types on any topic. Facets on the left hand side of the screen let you narrow your results using a variety of criteria. The new version of the software, Summon 2.0, provides improved displays and more intuitive search and results displays. SUMMON is great for searches on multidisciplinary topics or for getting quick access to specific journal articles. Ask at Weldon for assistance or more information.

      Recent E-books added to the Collection:
      Western Libraries purchases books in electronic as well as print format. You can connect to and read e-books through the library catalogue. Some examples of recently purchased e-books that may be of interest are:

      Elite girls' schooling, social class and sexualised popular culture / Claire Charles

      Exploring new roles for librarians : the research informationist / Lisa Federer

      Most of the e-books purchased by the library can only be read by one user at a time. Printing and downloading features for e-books vary depending on the e-book provider. For more information about library e-books, see

      Next Issue

      The Grad Bulletin is your source for news, announcements, and events pertaining to FIMS graduate programs. Submissions from the FIMS community are always welcome and may be sent via e-mail to

      The next issue of the FIMS Graduate Bulletin will be published on Monday, September 29. The deadline for submissions is noon on Friday, September 26.