Student Groups

Interested in extracurricular activities?  Join a student group!  Students in FIMS run a number of their own  undergraduate and graduate student groups, both program and interest-based. Get involved!

View the current list of active and inactive student groups.

FIMS recognized Student Groups Public Web Policy:

Student Groups and Formation of Student Groups:

In order to become a recognized student group, groups should first seek out a faculty advisor, as well as designate a liaison that will be responsible for communicating with the Communications and Information Resource Officer (Becky Blue) for the duration of the term/year. New groups should then pass through the appropriate Students’ Council for approval, and may be reviewed by the Associate Dean. Remember: FIMS student groups should be related to FIMS programming and provide positive opportunities for students to engage outside the classroom.

Student Groups Public Web Policy
Once recognized, groups that meet the criteria above can request that a “gateway” page be established for them, listing them on the FIMS website and linking to any external site maintained by the group. We cannot offer space on the FIMS website to host student websites at this time. To request a page, contact the Communications and Information Resource officer (Becky Blue) at:

How FIMS can help:

  • We can set up a "gateway" page containing basic information about the student group, contact information and a link to an external website (maintained by the student group).
  • We can provide assistance in advertising meetings, events and other items through appropriate venues including the FIMS Events Calendar, Visix e-signage screens, the Grad Bulletin and News & Announcements on the FIMS homepage.
  • We can host restricted intranet sites for student groups, subject to discussions with FIMS computing services.
  • We cannot offer space to host student groups' public websites on the FIMS site at this time.

  • Questions? Contact the Communications and Information Resource Officer (Becky Blue).


Reviewed: Nov 1/2015