Alumni & Careers

As FIMS Alumni, you are part of a growing network of highly-skilled and aspiring professionals, employed by academic institutions, corporations, governmental or non-profit organizations or even self-employed. The success of our programs is evident in the successful careers and noteworthy activities of our graduates. Many of our graduates have made remarkable achievements both in their careers and within their communities. FIMS would like to encourage you as a member of this group to continue the legacy of your Faculty.

How to Get Involved

Currently, FIMS does not have Alumni Groups representing the Faculty programs. The LIS program has two program representatives, Tylene Reaume and Cabot Yu, who currently serve as contacts for the LIS Alumni. The establishment of a FIMS Alumni Group and Committee is a future goal of the Faculty.  In the meantime, we invite you to become involved with the Western Alumni Association in the following ways:

  • Assisting with student recruitment and transitions from academia to employment
  • Becoming a liaison between the University and the Community, as a whole
  • Becoming a "spokesperson" for your program in your Community and workplace
  • Assisting with improving public funding for our programs

For further information on how to become involved as FIMS Alumni,  please visit the Alumni Western website.



Updated 2012/06/07