Faculty of Information & Media Studies

LIS JobWeb

As a service to the graduates of our Master of Library and Information Science program, FIMS hosts an LIS JobWeb. The JobWeb lists professional job postings and employment resources in library and information science. All postings listed are sent directly to FIMS by employers.

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Job Advertisement Collection Policy

The FIMS LIS JobWeb lists vacancies in professional librarianship and information management positions. To be considered, submitted postings must require an ALA-accredited degree, OR require equivalent, professional duties that would reflect an advanced degree in library/information science.

Frequency of Updates: The site is updated approximately twice a week. Canadian positions will also be posted on the JobWeb Twitter feed.

How to Submit a Job Posting

Employers wishing to submit a job ad to this site should include the following information in the posting:
There is no cost for this service. You may forward the job posting as a link or as an e-mail attachment (Word docs preferred) to fims-jobpostings@uwo.ca.