Media Theory & Production

When you think about media, do your questions start with both “how” and “why”? Do you want hands-on experience in production and the theoretical background necessary to critically analyze media? The Media, Theory and Production (MTP) program provides the best of both worlds. This program is tailored to students who have a strong desire to pursue a career in media production but also want to set themselves apart from the crowd and augment their production skills by studying the cultural, economic and social issues surrounding media and information technologies.

Four years, two diplomas, one well-rounded education

MTP is an innovative and collaborative joint degree/diploma program between the Faculty of Information and Media Studies and Fanshawe College. Enrolment in MTP is limited to 80 students per year. Upon completion of the four-year MTP program, students receive a three-year Bachelor of Arts in Media, Information & Technoculture (MIT) and a two-year college diploma from Fanshawe.

As an MTP student, you would participate in courses both on the Western and at Fanshawe campuses. After the successful completion of your first year, you will be asked to select from one of the following four areas of study:
The program is challenging, but it provides you with a comprehensive education that enables you to move into a media-related field immediately upon graduation.

*Note: the MTP program is not an entry mechanism to university-level graduate programs. Students who wish to pursue a graduate degree would have to complete an additional undergraduate year at Western or another university to achieve the equivalent of a 4-year university degree, which is required by most graduate programs.  Upper year MIT students who have completed most of their MIT course requirements are not eligible for the MTP program.  See Admission to MTP for upper year MIT students.