Internship Guidelines for FIMS Students

Internship Guidelines / FAQ for MIT and MPI Students

Susan Weekes
Undergraduate Internship Co‑ordinator
North Campus Building, Room 236

What is an internship?

The FIMS Internship program is an initiative that will aid students in making connections between academic study and the off-campus world by undertaking supervised work placements in organizations and businesses with media-related or information-related interests, public service organizations, and community groups. Assigned work may encompass a wide range of tasks: corporate communications; telecommunications; public relations, multimedia development; Internet administration; e-commerce; media production; advertising; sales; and marketing.

NOTE: Since an internship is a privilege rather than a right, only students who meet and maintain the required qualifications, who demonstrate professional readiness and who adhere to the procedures and regulations of the program may participate. The decision to disallow a student to participate is made by the Associate Dean and cannot be appealed. To enroll, an ADD/DROP form must be signed by the Academic Counsellor.



Is it possible to initiate an internship?

Yes. Students who meet the eligibility requirements and who have contacts in media-related organizations may want to explore their own placements. In such cases, the student should provide the name and address of the organization and the name of the contact person to the Internship Co-ordinator, who will proceed on the student’s behalf.

Students who do not meet the eligibility criteria are free to arrange their own placements, but those private arrangements will not be reflected on their university transcripts.

What types of internships are available?

How are placements made?

One-to-One Match: The Internship Co-ordinator contacts an Employer with the name of a student who is interested in a specific placement. An interview to discuss the student’s goals and employer’s expectations is scheduled before an internship is formalized through the Internship Office.

Competition: The Employer submits a position description for posting. Applications are submitted to the Internship Co-ordinator, who forwards the qualified ones to the Employer. The Employer chooses which students to interview and then asks the Internship Co-ordinator to formalize the placement with the successful candidate.

What is the application procedure?

Attendance at an information meeting is strongly recommended. An e-mail is sent to all second, third and fourth year students and registration is required. At the meeting, former interns discuss their experiences and there is a question and answer period and a mini résumé writing workshop.

For the One-to-One Match, eligible students submit an Internship Approval Form and e-mail a “wish list” to the Internship Co-ordinator (e.g., interests, skills, suggested employers) along with a Word or WordPerfect version of his/her current résumé. The Internship Co-ordinator arranges a time to discuss ideas for possible placements. The student participates in the process (résumé revision, writing cover letter, attending interviews).

Available positions open to Competition will be posted and e-mailed to MIT and MPI senior students. Eligible students submit an Internship Approval Form and e-mail a Word or WordPerfect version of their résumé and cover letter for their position(s) of interest to the Internship Co-ordinator. The employer will review the applications forwarded by the Internship Office.

Internship Approval Forms are available in NCB 236.

What is the fee to participate?

An academic internship completed during the fall or winter term is considered part of the regular course load; there is no additional fee. For summer placements, there is a fee for one half-course.   A $100.00 non-refundable administrative fee also applies.

Students enrolled in a professional internship must pay a placement fee of $300.00, which covers administrative costs. 

Students are encouraged to take advantage of résumé-writing assistance offered by the The Student Success Centre @ Western so that their résumés are clear and unambiguous. The Office of the Associate Dean will review résumés and cover letters for errors or ambiguities. If necessary, they will be returned to the student for corrections.