International Learning in FIMS

Students usually apply for an exchange/study abroad program in their second year and take part in their third year. Eligibility is based on academic achievement in first and second year and a student’s suitability to represent Western abroad. MIT and MPI students are required to have a minimum 70.0% cumulative average when applying for an exchange/study abroad program. This average must be maintained until departure.

One of your first steps in learning about participating in a Western Exchange Program is to attend an information session administered by the International Learning Coordinators. These sessions held in October and November will provide you with details on the application process, requirements and deadlines for all Western programs. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions, and at selected sessions you will be able to talk with Western students who have participated in an exchange.

FIMS students may apply to exchange partnerships offered by Western.   Students applying for an exchange are not guaranteed access to courses that will transfer as MIT courses.  

For more information on the International Exchange Program, visit Western International in the International and Graduate Affairs Building, 2nd floor.