Schedule of Elective Courses

Schedule of MLIS Elective Course Offerings


The following are lists of anticipated courses for the coming term(s). The lists below reflect the course planning as currently known.  Note that courses may be cancelled or added due to appropriate instructor availability;  therefore,  the courses listed below are not guaranteed.  Please frequently check the following lists for potential changes.

Updated April1, 2015

Summer 2015 Courses

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Fall 2015 Courses

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Winter 2016 Courses


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LIS 9158B 001

Legal Issues for Information Professionals

S. Trosow (Winter 2016)

LIS 9200B 001

Descriptive Cataloguing Theory and Practice

G. Campbell (Winter 2016)

LIS 9202B 001

Thesaurus Construction and Metadata

A. Fortier (Winter 2016)

LIS 9203B 001

Records Management

C. Bart-Riedstra (Winter 2016)

LIS 9315B 001

Collection Management

J. Robinson (Winter 2016)

LIS 9315B 650

Collection Management

K. Johnson (Winter 2016)

LIS 9318B 001

Legal Information

J. Sadler (Winter 2016)

LIS 9350B 001

An Introduction to Information Behaviour

E. Davies (Winter 2016)

LIS 9367B 650

Services for Children and Young Adults

P. Rothbauer (Winter 2016)

LIS 9371B 001

Special Topic: Analog Gaming in Libraries

S. Roberts (Winter 2016)

LIS 9410B 001

Individual Study

LIS 9411B 001

Guided Research I

LIS 9412B 001

Guided Research II

LIS 9503B 001

Knowledge Management

I. Ajiferuke (Winter 2016)

LIS 9509B 001

Prospect Research In Fundraising

T. Church / I. Piasecka-Latour (Winter 2016)

LIS 9630B 001

Academic Libraries

J. Garnett (Winter 2016)

LIS 9650B 001

Special Libraries

R. Craig (Winter 2016)

LIS 9701B 001

Information Retrieval: Research and Practice

L. Vaughan (Winter 2016)

LIS 9720B 650

Digital Libraries

G. Nickerson (Winter 2016)

LIS 9723B 650

Web Design and Architecture

G. Nickerson (Winter 2016)

LIS 9732B 001

Language and Computer Technologies for Libraries and Beyond

V. Rubin (Winter 2016)

LIS 9761B 001

Managing Information Technology in Libraries

I. Ajiferuke (Winter 2016)