Course Description

LIS 9733   Multilingual Information Access

Course Description
Introduction to multilingual information presentation, access, use, and dissemination in contemporary electronic environments and library settings. Critical assessment of linguistically complex electronic environments and roles of multilingual resources. Emphasis on linguistic, societal, and technological issues in the global information access context. Overview of best multilingual and cross-lingual practices.

Prerequisites: Working knowledge of Spreadsheets, Presentation Software, Introduction to Databases, and Basic HTML Coding.

0.5 course

Program Content Areas
Information Organization, Curation and Access

Course Objectives
1. To gain an appreciation for a variety of world languages and creative solutions to challenges in multilingual contemporary electronic environments.
2. To analyze the research literature and best practices of facilitating access across languages.
3. To critically evaluate the technical components of multilingual information presentation, use, and dissemination.

Relationship to the Goals and Objectives of the MLIS Program

Students who complete this course will be able to:

1. critically evaluate the problem of information presentation, access, dissemination, and use across languages in digital environments and library settings (from Goal 1, obj. 1 and Goal 2 obj. 1e);
2. identify, select, acquire, organize, describe and provide access to recorded information in a variety of languages; (from Goal 2, obj. 1g);
3. employ appropriate multi- and cross-lingual technologies to facilitate global access to digital information (from Goal 2, obj. 1i).

Goals and Objectives of the MLIS Program

Sample Content (for information only)
1. (Week 1) Introduction to Multilingual Information Access
2. Linguistic Aspects
 a.(Week 2) Languages of the world (language families, scripts, etc.)
 b.(Week 3) Bilingualism and multilingualism, foreign language acquisition
 c.(Week 4) Translations, transliterations, and encoding
3. Societal Aspects
 a.(Week 5) Multilingual cultures and societies
 b.(Week 6) Globalization, electronic access, ethics and language barriers
 c.(Week 7) Regional peculiarities: Canada, Russia, India, etc.
4. Technological Aspects
 a.(Week 8) Multilingual tools and utilities (machine translation, language identification, etc.)
 b.(Week 9) Access to multilingual web resources
 c.(Week 10) Cross-lingual searching, web browsing, and information-seeking
5. Library and Information Science Context
 a.(Week 11) Multilingual thesauri and terminology banks
 b.(Week 12) Challenges of multilingual collections
 c.(Week 13) International bibliographic data and formats  AND
6. Overview: Multilingual information presentation, access, use, and dissemination

Sample Readings
Oard DW. 2009. Multilingual Information Access. In Encyclopedia of Library and Information Sciences, ed. MJ Bates, MN Maack: Taylor & Francis

Peters C, Sheridan P. 2000. Multilingual Information Access. In Lectures on Information Retrieval, ed. M Agosti, F Crestani, G Pasi, pp. 60-90: Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg