Course Description

LIS 9315L-650 (Summer 2015)   Collection Management

Instructor: N. Dalmer

Course Description
Theory and practice of collection management for print and electronic resources, including selection tools and criteria, methods of acquisition, evaluation of collections, deselection strategies, preservation and other collection management and development topics.

Prerequisites: MLIS 9002 and 9003

0.5 course

Program Content Areas
Connecting People with Information
Information Organization, Curation and Access
Managing and Working in Information Organizations

Course Objectives
  1. To examine the theory and practice of the development of collections of information resources in a variety of formats for particular user groups in specific library and information environments.

Relationship to the Goals and Objectives of the MLIS Program
Students who complete this course will be able to:
  1. develop collections and services to meet the needs of specific user groups (from Goal 2, Obj. d);
  2. identify, select, acquire and evaluate recorded information in a variety of formats (from Goal 2, Obj. c);
  3. apply the general principles of collection development and management to specific library and information science environments (from Goal 2, Obj. g).
Goals and Objectives of the MLIS Program

Sample Content (for information only)
  • Collection development policies and selection
  • The collection and the business of publishing
  • Intellectual property and copyright
  • Ethics and censorship in collections
  • Approval plans and cooperative collection development
  • Preservation of materials
  • The politics of collection development

Sample Readings
Darnton, R. (2009). The case for books: Past, present, and future. New York: Public Affairs.

Disher, W. (2007). Crash course in collection development. Westport, CT : Libraries Unlimited.

Evans, G.E., & Saponaro, M.Z. (2005). Developing library and information center collections. Westport, Conn: Libraries Unlimited.

Johnson, P. (2009). Fundamentals of collection development and management (2nd ed.). Chicago: ALA editions.