Please note: 

Applicants to the MHIS program are not required to declare a supervisor, or contact them, in order to apply for the program.  Students complete their first semester, and refine their interests, prior to connecting with potential supervisors.  They can also decide between course-based or thesis-based program options at that time.   Below is the list of affiliated faculty members; it is recommended that you do some research in order to find potential matches to your area of interest, which you would include in the Statement of General Research Interest as part of your application.  Please do not contact these professors prior to applying to the program.

  • Isola Ajiferuke, Associate Professor (organization of health information)
  • Michael Bauer, Professor (health informatics and telemedicine)
  • Paul Benedetti, Lecturer (investigative and health journalism)
  • Richard Booth, Assistant Professor (telehealth, informatics)
  • Jacquelyn Burkell, Associate Professor (consumer health, risk and decision-making)
  • Grant Campbell, Associate Professor (organization of information)
  • Deborah Compeau, Professor (telehealth, informatics)
  • Lorie Donelle, Assistant Professor (consumer health informatics, nursing informatics)
  • Deborah Fitzsimmons, Assistant Professor (health informatics, telehealth) 
  • Candace Gibson, Associate Professor (health informatics)
  • Femida Gwadry-Sridhar, Assistant Professor & Director of Health Informatics (health informatics)
  • Nicole Haggerty, Associate Professor (information systems)
  • Roma Harris, Adjunct Professor (social contexts of health information; women’s health seeking)
  • Richard B. Kim, Professor (personalized medicine, pharmacogenetics)
  • Marita Kloseck, Associate Professor (health promotion, community health, older adults)
  • Anita Kothari, Associate Professor (knowledge translation, public and community health)
  • Marlene J. LeBer, Assistant Professor (leadership, social value in healthcare, health equity)
  • Beverly Leipert, Associate Professor (rural women’s health, patient education)
  • Meredith Levine, Lecturer (medical and health journalism)
  • Pamela McKenzie, Associate Professor (health information seeking)
  • Carole Orchard, Associate Professor (inter-professional education)
  • Anabel Quan-Haase, Associate Professor (community networking)
  • Sandra Regan, Assistant Professor (health policy) 
  • Victoria Rubin, Associate Professor (organization of information)
  • Debbie Laliberte Rudman, Associate Professor (occupational science and aging)
  • Kamran Sedig, Associate Professor (human-computer interaction)
  • Shannon Sibbald, Assistant Professor (public health, implementation science, systems research)
  • Sandra Smeltzer, Associate Professor (critical policy studies)
  • Liwen Vaughan, Professor (data mining, information retrieval, databases, informetrics)
  • Evelyn Vingilis, Professor (health policy, mental health)
  • Margaret Ann Wilkinson, Professor (health law, privacy, intellectual property)
  • Nadine Wathen, Associate Professor (health information seeking, knowledge translation)
  • Lu Xiao, Assistant Professor (human-computer interaction)
Last Updated: Jan 28/2015