Structure of the Program

Master in Health Information Science (MHIS)

The master’s degree in Health Information Science (MHIS) involves both courses and a thesis or major research project and will ideally be completed in six terms. The proposed degree program can be completed in one of two ways.

MHIS Options and Requirements

  1. Course-based option
  • 4 required courses
  • 3 elective courses
  • Major Research Project 
  1. Thesis option
  • 5 required courses
  • Thesis proposal, dissertation and defence

MHIS – Normal Progression


Course-based option

Thesis option

1 (Fall Year 1)

3 Required courses (see courses and timetable, below)


2 (Winter Year 1)

1 Required course see below);


1 Required course;
*can take additional req’d Methods course, if available

3 (Summer Year 1)

Research Project prep


Thesis proposal


4 (Fall Year 2)

Remaining Elective(s)

Research Project

1 Required second methods course (*if not taken previously); Thesis

5 (Winter Year 2)

Thesis write-up and oral defense

6 (Summer Year 2)


4 Required & 3 Elective courses, Major Research Project

5 Required courses, Thesis