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No. 279 - May 24, 2011

May 24, 2011    

Coming Events

- MLIS Co-op Workshop
- IT Workshop

Awards & Accomplishments

- Paul Benedetti picks up an NNA
- Meredith Levine and Health and Medical Journalism class launch "A Good Death" on
- Chris Richardson elected into Popular Culture Association of Canada position
- Victoria Rubin wins award for paper

Recent/Upcoming Publications & Presentations

 - Jennifer Abrahamson - Marni Harrington - Chris Richardson
 - Luke Arnott - Ahmad Kamal  - Gemma Richardson
 - Kyle Asquith - Atle Kjosen - Victoria L. Rubin
 - Jacqueline Burkell - Eric Lohman - Trina Sajo 
 - Sarah Camm - Vincent Manzerolle - Elise Thorburn
 - Estee Fresco - Elizabeth Marshall  - Samuel Trosow
 - Patrick Gavin - Anabel Quan-Haase - Liam Young

In the Media

- Alexander Ballingall
- Meredith Levine
- Lauren Pelley
- Anabel Quan-Haase
- Kim Martin

News from the Graduate Resource Centre

News from Western Libraries

Important Dates

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MLIS Co-op Information Meeting – WITH REVISED DATE
Wednesday, May 25
NCB 295, 12:00 p.m. to 1:20 p.m.
For: Any interested MLIS students
Come and find out what Co-op is all about! Two former co-op students will share their experiences and co-op staff will review the eligibility requirements and will walk you through the application process. Registration is required to attend this event.
IT Workshop
The final week of Using PowerPoint for Presentations wraps up on Wed, May 25. All first, second and third term students are invited to bring their lunch and join us in NCB 105 at from 12:00 p.m. -1:00 p.m. and at 4:30 p.m. No registration is necessary. The HTML and CSS workshops start on June 1. For more information go to the web site at:




Paul Benedetti picks up an NNA
MAJ instructor Paul Benedetti won his first National Newspaper Award this month in the best short feature category. The awards were held at a gala on Friday, May 13 in Ottawa.  
Meredith Levine and her class see the launch of “A Good Death” on
On Wednesday, May 18, MAJ instructor Meredith Levine and her 2011 Health and Medical Journalism class saw their groundbreaking project on dying published on Called “A Good Death”, the series explores in-depth the end-of-life process in Canada. Sixteen students published work on a variety of issues. 
Chris Richardson elected into Popular Culture Association of Canada position
Media Studies PhD Candidate Chris Richardson would like to thank the FIMS students who helped elect him last week into a two-year position as Member-at-Large of the Popular Culture Association of Canada (PCA-Canada). He will oversee communication strategies for the association and assist with the next conference to be held in 2012.

Victoria Rubin wins award for paper
An article by Assistant Professor Victoria L. Rubin, Lynne Thorimbert and Yimin Chen entitled “Artificially intelligent conversational agents in Libraries” published in the Library Hi Tech has been chosen as a Highly Commended Award Winner at the Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2011.
Rubin, V. L., Thorimbert, L. M., and Chen, Y. (2010) Artificially Intelligent Conversational Agents in Libraries, Library Hi Tech, 28 (4).




Numerous Media Studies PhD students were on the conference schedule for the inaugural Popular Culture Association of Canada conference, held in Niagara Falls May 12-14. Participants were as follows:

- Luke Arnott - "Myth, Epic, and the Bat: Comics Characters Across Media."
- Kyle Asquith - "Join the Club: Radio, Comic Strips, and Food Advertising to Children in the 1930s."
- Estee Fresco - "Snow, Ice and 'Natives': The Trope of Survival in Advertisements Aired During the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games."
- Atle Kjosen - "Dollhouse, Labour and Uploading of the Mind: The Transhumanist Production Process of Reality Television."
- Eric Lohman - "Scary Tale Weddings: Competing for Cosmetic Surgery in Bridal Reality Television."
- Chris Richardson - "'I Am Not Jasmine; I Am Aladdin': Nicki Minaj's Beautiful Dark Twisted Feminism."
- Gemma Richardson - "Socially Conscious Reality TV?"
- Trina Sajo - "Consuming Media Piracy."
- Liam Young - "Chronic Cities: The Archive, The City, The Acceleration of History."

Kyle Asquith presented a paper titled "From Consumers of Food to Participants in the 'Modern' Consumer Marketplace: How Food Advertisers Conceptualized Children, 1920-1940" at the "Multiple Childhoods/Multidisciplinary Perspectives" conference, held at Rutgers University May 19-21.

On May 28th, Assistant Librarians Marni Harrington and Elizabeth Marshall will be presenting "Mentoring in Canadian Academic Libraries" at CLA's Annual conference as part of the CLA Peer-Reviewed Research Session.

Media Studies PhD student Atle Kjosen presented the paper "Towards a Value Theory of Media" at the conference "Historical Materialism" 6-8 May in New York City at the New School for Social Research. He also presented the paper "Gifts and Commodities: Temporal Contradictions of the Internet Economy and their Forms of Appearance" at the conference "Media in Transition 7: the promise and peril of transition" 13-15 May at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston.

Media Studies Doctoral Candidate Vincent Manzerolle presented a paper entitled "Personalizing Social Media: The Bias of Ubiquitous Connectivity" for the Media in Transition 7 conference at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, May 13-15.

Assistant Professor Diane Neal published an invited book review:
Neal, D.R. (2011). Book review of Atlas of science: Visualizing what we know. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 62(6), 1212-1214.

On June 2, Media Studies PhD candidate Chris Richardson will present “What We Talk About When We Talk About Gangs: Covering Crime in Canadian Journalism” at the Canadian Communication Association (CCA) Annual Conference at The University of New Brunswick & St. Thomas University, Fredericton, NB.

Assistant Professor Victoria L. Rubin, Associate Professor Jacquie Burkell and Associate Professor Anabel Quan-Haase, as part of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Research Cluster, will be presenting a paper at the 39th Annual Conference of the Canadian Association for Information Science: Exploring Interactions of People, Places and Information (CAIS / ACSI 2011):

- Rubin, V. L., Burkel, J., and Quan-Haase, A. (2011) Facets of Serendipity in Everyday Chance Encounters: Content Analysis of Social Media Accounts. The 39th Annual Conference of the Canadian Association for Information Science: Exploring Interactions of People, Places and Information (CAIS / ACSI 2011), Fredericton, N.B., Canada, June 2 - 4, 2011

Professor Rubin and LIS PhD students Jennifer Abrahamson, Sarah Camm, Patrick Gavin and Ahmad Kamal, as part of the Language and Information Technology Research Lab will be presenting 3 studies at the 39th Annual Conference of the Canadian Association for Information Science: Exploring Interactions of People, Places and Information (CAIS / ACSI 2011):

- Rubin, V.L., Gavin, P.T., Kamal, A.M., (2011) Innovation in Public and Academic North American Libraries: Examining White Literature and Website Applications. The 39th Annual Conference of the Canadian Association for Information Science: Exploring Interactions of People, Places and Information (CAIS / ACSI 2011), Fredericton, N.B., June 2-4, 2011

- Rubin, V.L., Camm, S. C., (2011) Griefing and Deception in Video Games: Examining Attitudes towards the Phenomena. The 39th Annual Conference of the Canadian Association for Information Science: Exploring Interactions of People, Places and Information (CAIS / ACSI 2011), Fredericton, N.B., Canada, June 2 - 4, 2011

- Abrahamson, J. A., and Rubin V. L. (2011) “Your Doctor Won’t Tell You This…”: Expert and Lay Perspectives in Health Communication Discourse. The 39th Annual Conference of the Canadian Association for Information Science: Exploring Interactions of People, Places and Information (CAIS / ACSI 2011), Fredericton, N.B., Canada, June 2 - 4, 2011

Media Studies PhD student Elise Thorburn participated in the conference "What is Post Autonomia Today" in Amsterdam, Netherlands on May 19-22. Her paper was entitled: "From Autonomism to Assembly: New Organising Structures". Elise will also be presenting at the CCA in Fredericton New Brunswick from June 1-3 on a Panel called "Crisis in the University 2" with a paper entitled "Circulation of Crisis, Circulation of Resistance in the University".

On May 13, Associate Professor Samuel Trosow discussed Canadian copyright issues facing academic libraries today, at the 2011 Government and Legal Information Gathering. Professor Trosow also has a series of other presentations upcoming:

“Copyright in Academia” – Thursday, May 26, sponsored by St. Mary's University Faculty Association, and again on Monday, May 30 at the Harriet Irving Library - University of New Brunswick.

“The Public Library Board Trustee: Policymaker or Policytaker?” – Friday, May 27, at the Canadian Libray Association 2011 Annual Conference. During the same conference, he will also present “Copyright in Canada: Updates and Action” – Saturday, May 28.

A research presentation on “User Generated Content study”, on Tuesday, May 31 as part of Congress 2011 of the Social Science and Humanities. 




MAJ Lecturer Meredith Levine, along with recent MAJ graduates Lauren Pelley and Alexander Ballingall, appeared May 12 on Western News’ Daily News Service and in the hardcopy edition of the paper in a story called “Students explore dying in Canada for CBC series”. They were discussing the “A Good Death” series, co-produced by the Graduate Program in Journalism and the CBC.

Associate Professor Anabel Quan-Haase and LIS PhD student Kim Martin were featured in the Western News story “Anything goes at THATCamp UWO”. The two were discussing their part in organizing the “The Humanities and Technology Camp”, which took place May 21-22.




QR Codes and the GRC
You may notice some posters going up in the next few days, each featuring three scanable QR codes. When scanned with a properly equipped smart phone, these codes will direct you to the Graduate Resource Centre Facebook page, Twitter feed and Website. You may have seen similar codes popping up in advertisements, bus stops and magazines. They offer quick and easy access to web content directly from your mobile device.

~ Adam Craig, GRC Student Assistant

The GRC's Career Resources
The GRC's career carrel has been moved to allow for more room for individual study space. The career resources are now available on the shelves across from the Service Desk.

New Acquisitions
The GRC acquires several new items each month. These new items arrive weekly and are placed on the NEW BOOKS shelf directly inside the entrance of the GRC. You can also find current GRC acquisitions through Western Libraries catalogue listing of recent purchases by library.




Changes to Library Web Site expected this Term:
Please keep your eye on the Western Libraries web site over the coming months. We will be introducing a new search engine that we hope will make it easier for you to find what you need quickly and effectively. We will also be asking for your help in evaluating the new tool, which is known as Summon. Details will be announced throughout the summer. For more information see our recent news article at

New in Weldon: May 18, 2011:
Media Coverage of Crime and Criminal Justice / Matthew B. Robinson
DBW Stack P96.C74R63 2011
- provides a literature review of the subject and discusses how the media both help and hinder crime control and prevention
- author is a professor of Government and Justice Studies at Appalachian State University

Basic Research Methods for Librarians. Fifth Edition. / Lynn Silipigni Connaway and Ronald R. Powell
DBW stack Z669.7.P68 2010
- aimed at practicing information professionals as well as Master and Ph.D. LIS students
- this edition includes sections on social networking and other web-based research techniques
- chapters focusing on survey research and sampling, data collection, qualitative methods, historical research and statistical analysis
- includes a 30-page bibliography

The New Graduate Experience: Post-MLS Residency Programs and Early Career Librarianship / edited by Megan Zoe Perez and Gindy Ann Gruwell
DBW stack Z682.4.C63N49 2011
- describes experiences of early career librarians and those who have been involved in residency programs
- includes a chapter evaluating three Canadian Academic Library Internship programs




Wednesday May 25 – 28, 2011 – CLA Conference in Halifax




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